Rocker Recliner
A must have if you have any difficulty
getting in and out of your recliner.
•Raises Recliner Height - Makes standing or sitting easy

•Riser dimensions: 1.75” high x 2.5” wide x 6” long

•Adaptable - Does not interfere with rocking or reclining
of chair

•Weight Capacity (including furniture): 800 lbs

•Padded Base - Slip resistant and non-marking pads
protect floor

•Easy assembly - Installs quickly with included wood screws

•Low Profile - Matches look and feel of furniture

•Included Bonus-Rocker Limiter - Limits forward tilt to make standing safe
and easy
When a person stands from the typical
recliner, it tilts forward, dropping the arms
and seat of an already low chair by 3-4
inches. Simply raising the chair by 5 or 6
inches, necessary for independent
standing, makes it dangerously unstable.
Stander has developed a safe and easy
solution! When Recliner Risers are
installed, they raise a chair 1 3/4 inches
and limit the forward tilt allowing an
additional 3-4 inches of raising your chair
1 3/4 inches. Each box contains four
Recliner Risers, two Rocker Limiters, 16
screws, Velcro®, and instruction manual.
Reg $49.99
Now $39.99
+ S&H
I have been in the furniture industry for a long
time and this is a great addition to a recliner with
wooden legs like a La-Z-Boy.  Just that little lift
in the chair makes a huge difference when
getting in or out of the chair.  It is simply
amazing how much easier it makes it. Try it, you
will not be disappointed!
Reg $59.99
Now $49.99
+ S&H
Furniture Risers

Features and Benefits

• Two Products in One Box!: Product comes with 8 risers, allowing the user to
raise 2 pieces of furniture 3” and 4”, or one piece of furniture 5” if risers are
• Durable: Wide, heavy-duty plastic reinforced with ribbed construction
• Secure: Protective non-skid pads protects furniture and floor
• Stable Fit: Deep cavity with padded insert ensuring secure fit of furniture feet
• Stackable: 3” riser can be stacked on top of 4” riser to raise furniture 5”

• Height of Risers: four 4” risers and four 3” risers in each set. The riser is 5” high
if 4” & 3” are stacked
• Height Furniture is raised: 4” riser = 3.875”, 3” = 2.875”, 4”+3” stacked = 4.875”
• Width of 4” Risers: 5” at base, 3.75” at top
• Width of 3” Risers: 4.5” at base, 3.75” at top
• Compatible with Furniture leg: Furniture legs fit into the top of each riser; can
accommodate legs up to 2.5” in diameter
• Weight Capacity: 350lbs including person and furniture
Rocker Recliner Risers

The best gift I have ever given my Grandparents
Great Gift Idea!
Ideal for
Back Issues
Leg Issues
Strength Issues
Balance Issues